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New year body treatments for a new you

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New year body treatments for a new you

New Year body treatments for a new you if you decide to take action!

It’s that time of year again… January – the most miserable month of the year! Well, for most people anyway. Do you think about what you can do to make this month better?!

We like to think of January as the perfect time to start making some changes. A new year is a fresh start, whether that be going to the gym, or trying to make healthier choices, we have some amazing treatments that go hand in hand with it.

If your aim is to drop a few of those Christmas pounds, then we have some fabulous body treatments that can help you with your journey.

Our Comfort Zone body treatments help with toning and cellulite. We recommend a course of these treatments to really feel the benefit. If you buy a course of 6 you get 1 FREE!

A course of KRF will help with body sculpting, reducing the appearance of cellulite and skin tone. This heating treatment is very soothing and none invasive. It works by heating the skin and tissue to around 40-42 degrees so the body naturally produced collagen and elastin. With the sweeping and gliding movements it help with draining. A course of 12 is recommended to get the most benefit and you’ll need to have two treatments a week. If you buy 10, you get 2 FREE! That’s a huge saving!

Of if getting hair free for summer if an aim, we have you covered for that to! Our top of the range Laser Hair Removal machine with built in cooling system, targets just the hairs, so this removal is fast acting and results are seen after just one session! A course of 8 is recommended and your treatments will need to be 6 weeks a part for the laser to be the most effective. If you buy a course of 8 you get 1 FREE!

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