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Live, Love, Lash Lifts

Lash Lifts, the new trend that all the celebs are raving on about. So, what is the big deal with them?! Why are they the next big thing?!

In my personal opinion, I love a Lash Lift. It is the most low maintenance lash treatment if you’re looking for something to give your eyes a bit of sparkle without having the added pressure of coming back to the salon for infills every two to three weeks.

We start with a short consultation to find out what you’d like the outcome to be, whether you’d like it to be more dramatic or subtle and natural. I prefer a more natural look. Then the therapist will work out which is the best shield (the shield is the little silicone strip we place across the eyelid and adhere the lashes to). We also need to make sure the client has had a patch test for all 4 parts of the treatment at least 24 hours before, or the treatment can’t go ahead.

Once we’ve cleansed and prepped the eyes, we apply under eye pads to keep the lower lashes away so they don’t get caught up in the lift. We will then start with the shield placement across the eyelid, making sure we get it placed with such precision close to the lash line to prevent any gaps so when we use the adhesive to stick the lashes up and onto the top of the shield we minimise any product touching the eyelid and to maximise the lift.

Once the lashes are adhered to the shields, we apply the first part of the lifting solutions, making sure we get as close to the lash line as possible without touching it and leaving out the tips of the lashes to not over process them. This will stay on for 10-12 minutes, while this is on, you will be offered a lovely hand and arm massage.

The next step is removing the lifting solution, taking the under eye pads off and reapplying it under the lower lashes so when we apply the fixing solution and tint we don’t miss them out. We apply in a similar way but making sure the tips are covered this time, again leaving on the lashes for 10-12 minutes. Once this has developed we will need to thoroughly remove the mixture and then gently remove the shield and comb the lashes out. Once we are happy with the removal of the products you may open your eyes to reveal beautifully lifted lashes.

We will give you specific aftercare to not rub or touch your newly lifted lashes and to avoid any water contact for 48 hours. If this occurs, it can interfere with the lift and it may drop and not last. We recommend the lash and brow elixir to be used nightly, to help keep your lashes hydrated and conditioned. Using this product will help to prolong your lash lift, it can be used on your eyebrows to it’s great alongside an eyebrow tint and shape.

This treatment is perfect for anyone, and we highly recommend everyone to try it at least once. We love it, as I’m sure you will!

60 mins £75.

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