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Eye-love Extensions – Eyelash Extensions

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Close up of young lady left eye, nose and ear representing after eye-love eyelash extensions

Eye-love Extensions – Eyelash Extensions

Eye-love extensions – Eyelash extensions. These are probably one of my most favourite treatments to do. I just love the before and after effects of them and how you can instantly see your client feel good about themselves- I find that so addictive and rewarding.

There are so many styles you can get these days, but I personally sway towards the more natural look, which you can get from having individual lash extensions.

We use the brand called Nouveau, their lashes and glue that we use are 100% synthetic and vegan, I love the fact there are no animal ingredients in these.

Lashes can take up to two hours for application, it’s not a quick job! And in all honesty, I think two hours should be how long it takes for a consultation, correct lash mapping and application followed by aftercare. Lash extensions can so easily be applied incorrectly which can cause damage, it’s so important to use a lash tech who has the knowledge to not damage your lashes.

There is a huge misconception that lash extensions damage lashes, well this is incorrect you’ll be happy to hear! Incorrect lash placement and incorrect aftercare are the reasons for damage, so it is super important to make sure you do your research into your lash techs and follow any aftercare that you’ll be given post treatment.

We will start with a little consultation to work out your desired look, we will talk you over what we’d recommend and what will happen throughout the treatment. You’ll basically have a little two hour lash nap and wake up with naturally, enhanced, sparkly eyes!!

Once we’ve discussed your chosen look, we will cleanse over the eyelashes to make sure they’re all clean with no makeup on – it is best if you arrive at your appointment with absolutely no makeup on your lashes as this can affect the retention. We will apply under eye pads to make sure your lower lashes are out of the way, then use a primer to take away any oil. While that is drying, we will work out what lashes we want to use and in what order to apply them, we do this by marking out on the under eye pads – this is called lash mapping. Once this is done will we start the lashing process, applying the correct lashes for each section we’ve mapped out. Sometimes we’ll need to use micro pore tape to tape up the upper lashes so we can get to the lower layer lashes, especially if you naturally have a lot of lashes. This will be removed once we have applied enough to those lashes, then we will gradually work our way through the remaining lashes. We aim to apply as many lashes as possible in the time that we have. It won’t be 100% coverage; this is because not every lash will be healthy enough to have a lash applied. What I mean by this, is you could have ‘baby’ lashes growing that won’t be mature enough for an extension or your natural lash could be damaged we wouldn’t apply onto a damaged lash. Once we are happy with the coverage, we will apply a sealant to help seal the adhesive which will help with the retention of your lashes. We’ll then remove the under eye pads and slowly ask you to open your eyes to reveal your beautifully enhanced lashes!! We’ll give you some aftercare and recommend a lash cleanser to keep your new lashes nice and clean and a serum to nourish your natural lashes while you have your extensions on.


Close up of young lady left eye, nose and ear representing before eye-love eyelash extensions
Close up of young lady left eye, nose and ear representing after eye-love eyelash extensions











It is super important to keep your lashes clean, eye health should be your top priority if you are planning on having extensions long term. I would recommend cleaning your lashes 2-3 times a week and on the morning of the infill appointment.

Infills should be booked every 2-3 weeks to keep them looking full and fresh. Extensions are a commitment, but one you’ll be happy to stick to when you see how amazing they look!!

A Full Set is a 2 hour appointment and costs £95.

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