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Goodbye Hairs! Laser Hair Removal

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Laser hair removal from female lower legs.

Goodbye Hairs! Laser Hair Removal

Goodbye hairs! Laser hair removal is becoming hugely popular within the beauty industry – and so it should!! This hair removal treatment will save you from those dreaded monthly waxing appointments and save you money in the long run. With seeing results from the first treatment, what’s not to love!!

How many sessions do I need, I hear you ask…. Well eight sessions is the manufacturer’s recommendation every four to six weeks, depending on if you’re treating the face or body. Obviously everybody’s body is different, so you may need a couple of top up sessions down the line or depending on any big hormonal shifts ie- pregnancy or the menopause where dormant hairs are stimulated to grow. Or you may find that you literally have no hairs left after a few sessions! We’ve found most clients have noticed the biggest difference by sessions four to five, and almost every client has noticed a reduction after the first session.

How does it work?! We use the leading Italian Laser Hair Removal technology with the highest performance results even in the most difficult situations. It has a triple wavelength diode laser that works at depths reaching all the hairs, even those that are more difficult to reach. This laser is so unique because it only targets the hair, and not skin which means it’s not as uncomfortable as old school lasers. We also have a built-in cooling system which is incredibly soothing during the treatment.

The preparation for laser is quite simple, make sure you start shaving (not wax or hair removal creams) 4-6 weeks before and at least twenty four to forty eight hours before your first session. It is super important to make sure you are clean shaven for your laser sessions, so make sure you use a nice new razor. Avoid sun exposure if possible, luckily with the Epildream Laser we can still laser over tanned skin, we have a separate setting for this which means there is no worry if you have a holiday planned. Obviously within reason, we couldn’t laser over burnt skin, it’s recommended to wait at least two weeks post holiday and three days prior to sun exposure. If you are on any medication, like antibiotics, we’d need to know as these can affect the sensitivity of the skin- also, no essential oils for forty eight hours prior.

Post laser you may feel your skin feels a little sensitive, which is completely normal. Your hair follicles may be pink and risen, which is a good sign- it means they’ve been zapped! We’d recommend purchasing the APG soothing cream to help with any sensitivity. It’s also really beneficial if you suffer from razor rash to apply after shaving. It takes between 10 and 21 days for the hair to fall out, so try to avoid picking or pulling them. No heat treatments or vigorous exercise are advised for 24 hours after. We’d also recommend our APG Renewal Cream in between treatments. This cream is perfect if you suffer with ingrown hairs. It mildly exfoliates and hydrates the skin for a really effective treatment. It’s the perfect addition to your homecare routine. It’s super important to stop using the cream three days prior to your laser and three days post treatment.

Prices vary depending on what area you choose to treat, we have huge savings if you purchase a package.

If this is something you’re keen to do, contact the salon to get booked in for a consultation and patch test– we can’t wait to help you become hair free for 2024!!



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