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Want perfect skin…. then you need a Skin Analyser!

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Want perfect skin…. then you need a Skin Analyser!

I’m really struggling with my skin, nothing feels right no matter what I put on it….. does this sound like you? Then we have the solution for your skincare needs!

Book in for our Dibi Milano Skin Analyser to get to the root of your issues. Our highly trained Beauty Therapists can assist you in correcting the problems you have with your skin by a thorough analysis that looks deep down into the layers of the skin.

How does this work? Well, this high-tech machine captures high resolution frontal, right and left face photos under standardised conditions. It offers a wide range of skin analysis options which include- sensitive, redness, spots, wrinkles, pores, hyperpigmentation, deeper pigmentation, and acne.

Special features include- 5 Spectra, 5-7 years of skin prediction, 15 intelligent image modes, expert diagnosis results, quick photo diagnosis and prediction of skin symptoms.

This high-quality analyser has helped so many people already, men and women!

Book this for just £45, which is redeemable on the purchase of at least 3 Dibi Milano products or a course of Dibi Facials.

With the correct homecare routine and course of facials, you are guaranteed to some amazing results!

This analyser is exclusive to Idyllic in Cranleigh, there is no other in the area with the high-tech spec.

The reviews speak for themselves!

‘I booked in to have the Skin Analyser because I was struggling with my skin coming out of summer and into the colder months. The Analyser was so straight forward, my therapist placed my face in the machine, she explained to close my eyes and to expect 5 flashes of light. The whole process only took a few minutes, but I was so shocked at what the Analyser had picked up! I knew I had some sun damage on my skin, but seeing the damage in the pictures has really opened my eyes to how important sun protection it. Needless to say, I have been using the Dibi products for a month now and I am so surprised at what a difference they’ve made to my skin! I’m looking forward to coming back and having another analysis to see how different my skin looks after a few months of using the products. What I love most about the products is how silky they feel on my skin and the instant fresh face I have. These products have changed my skincare for the better and I won’t be going back to my shop bought ones any time soon!’.

We promise you won’t regret it! Say hello to your new skin!

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