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What Is Lava Shell Massage?

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lava shell massage

What Is Lava Shell Massage?

A Hot Lava Shell Massage – So Relaxing

You might be wondering “what is Lava Shell Massage” and the answer is that it provides pure relaxation. The heat from the tiger-striped clam shells along with the deep tissue pressure point massage eases away muscle tension, releases energy flow and restores a sense of balance to the body and mind. When treating the tummy area the massage acts as a natural colonic on the digestive system.Vogue Magazine has called this “the new hot stones” and not only are lava shells the world’s first self-heating massage tool but the patented, natural, biodegradable heat technology incorporated into the lava shell means heat is released for over an hour ensuring the client receives a continuous and seamless body massage!The Lava Shell Massage benefits are endless. The treatment is truly idyllic and the warmth of the shells gliding over your body sends you into a state of deep relaxation.


What is Lava Shell Massage?

The Hot Lava Shell Massage will soothe aching muscles and encourages the muscles to deeply relax and therefore re-energises the body. You will leave the Idyllic treatment rooms feeling refreshed, relaxed, recharged, and supple. A must-have treatment for absolutely everyone!As the festive season approaches why not treat yourself or a loved one to the gift of relaxation with a Hot Lava Shells Relaxing Massage!During November 2017 take advantage of our Offer of the Month and book in with Sabrina and receive 10% off any Lava Shell Massage*! Follow the link to see all the Lava Shell Massage Treatments we have on offer.

Lava Shell Massage Treatments – Here

*Offer not valid with any other offer or paid for using a gift card. Valid during November 2017 only.



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